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All students in the school are divided into four houses: Vivekanand, Shivaji, Pratap, Tagore.
Students are accommodated in separate blocks with the youngest boys given their own accommodation in a Holding House. These houses are divided into blocks and each block has its own Houseparent who is responsible for the welfare and supervision of the students in his care.
For the older boys, a Senior Boys' Housemaster ensures consistency between the Houses and House parents while a Head of Boarding ensures that all students are treated equally.
Within the houses, accommodation is comfortable and adequate. Students share a room with four others and each has a cupboard, work-area and bed allocated to him. Students within each room rapidly become firm friends and are eager to offer support to each other.
Our house system is built to allow students to meet with and form friendships across the year groups so that we can build a more integrated, family structure. The system also allows students to take greater responsibility with older students acting as mentors and supporters of the younger students.


Each hostel has within it a Common Room. In this, students can relax by watching television, playing games or simply sitting and chatting. Opportunities for this exist both in the afternoons and in the evenings after dinner. On both occasions, House parents are on hand to monitor the students’ behaviour and to encourage those in need to take up some work. On Saturday afternoons and Sundays, Common Rooms are also used by students. Visitors often comment on the friendly and supportive atmosphere found here.


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