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Chairman's Message

Due to the lack of educational institution in this locality, I was not able to get proper education. Therefore, I have always cherished a dream that there ought to be a good educational institution where value-based education can be provided to everybody. Henceforth, in order to materialize this dream, the SMD Vidya Mandir has been founded to fulfill the requirements of the needy & deprived children of rural areas.
It is our earnest Endeavour to impart the children value-based education. Our mission is not only to make successful engineers, doctors, professionals, businessmen, etc. but also to shape up good human beings of great values to espouse and spread the threefold cherished aspects of dharma – Satyam, Shivam and Sundaram. I pray for the internalization and universalisation of these life-sustaining values.
May God bless us all and endow us with strength to achieve our noble goals.

Principal's Message

SMD Vidya Mandir is a fast growing institution in the field of School Education with a strong foundation of social and moral values. SMD Vidya Mandir strives to emphasize on the values of life by which the students learn to be compassionate, loving, caring, independent but sharing and understanding. We provide a conducive environment for effective study of all subjects and help children to discover their true potential to bring out their inherent skill through meaningful activities.


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