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About SMD Vidya Mandir

Mission & Vision

Throughout our life, we have been deeply influenced by the value of Education and cultural heritage of India. The SMD Vidya mandir is a culmination of our vision to merge the finest Indian culture and educational practices.
We selected this beautiful and peaceful campus setting, free from the pressures of urban’s life, in order to develop in the boys and girls a sense of self-assurance and self-reliance.
Education should be all encompassing. Respect for people and culture is at the heart of the School’s belief in equal opportunity. There is no discrimination whatsoever on the basis of religion, community, race, ethnicity or gender. We hope that the School will provide happiness and fulfillment for generations of young people.
The Aims of the School:
  1. To build in every student a strong understanding of and respect for India and its culture, history and traditions.
  2. To allow students to test their understanding and respect for India in the context of a global and rapidly changing society.
  3. To instill in every student tolerance for others and to eliminate all forms of prejudice from the minds of its students.
  4. To assess the academic potential of each student and define the correct individual strategy to help each student achieve his best.
  5. To explore teaching strategies and methodologies globally to ensure that our students are exposed to the most modern teaching that is appropriate to their needs.
  6. To ensure that all students have the widest range of opportunities beyond the classroom and that each student can develop both generally and in areas of specific personal talent.
  7. To encourage students to take responsibility for themselves and for others and to understand the needs of those less fortunate than themselves.
  8. To help students to develop the skills and motivate them to become independent learners throughout their lives as well as well-rounded and freethinking global citizens.

Academic Curriculum

We employ only experienced and well trained faculties as well as some visiting experts. Our teachers are carefully selected to ensure that they have the appropriate experience and dedication needed to support every student regardless of his academic level. A defined plan of teacher training using both those within the school and outside agencies ensures that teachers are fully informed of the latest research and developments in education.
Our students are regularly assessed to allow each teacher to monitor progress of the class as a whole and that of the individual student. This allows us to target those students with specific needs or difficulties and to provide them with remedial help as they required.
Our teachers willingly provide extra classes for those with academic need or to support students as school or Board examinations approach. Our aim is to ensure that each student has the support required to fulfill his academic potential and that such help should be provided before the student realizes that he is in difficulty.
A clearly planned day allows curriculum time for each subject with teachers providing detailed notes and guidance in the classroom. The day also allows each student adequate time for self-study and individual work outside the classroom both through an organized nightly prep and through quiet times when work can be pursued on a more voluntary basis.
We have built a revision programme for students facing Board Examinations for classes X and XII which allows each student time for written practice under timed conditions and which allows appropriate time for the teacher to recap the syllabus and for the student to revise it.
Throughout the year a regular programme of Unit Tests are set to assess a student’s progress in each module studied in every subject. This allows our teachers to provide immediate support to a student whose results indicate under-achievement in any module studied. In addition, we organize a formal set of examinations each term and two pre-board examinations for class X and XII students.
We aim to encourage in our students an understanding of the benefits of regular study and concentration. This means that we try to ensure that our students are always on task. To support them we also give our students as much formal experience of examinations that they will face as we can.

We admit students on the basis of written tests in English, Mathematics and Sciences and expect every student to meet a minimum set standard for admission to the school.
Once admitted, students are expected to improve upon their level at admission through consistent effort and concentrated work. This does not mean that we expect every student to achieve the very highest grade but instead we seek to give each student a clear, individual target related to each person’s own abilities.
At The SMD Vidya Mandir, we ask that each student should always strive to achieve his own personal best and the goals appropriate to him. We also recognize that students need different methods to support them in achieving their best and so we aim to provide different teaching methodologies to support every student. We also believe that some students respond best to discipline, others to encouragement and others to personal attention. Hence, we ensure that staff have an awareness of the strategies suited to each student and that these are consistently pursued.

Assesment & Reporting

We recognize that parents and the school are equal partners in guiding and supporting our students. As such, we aim to ensure that parents are kept fully informed regarding all aspects of a student’s progress.
Each term, the school holds a set of Unit Tests and formal end-of-term examinations. The results of these are formally communicated to parents through a Report Card and are followed up in a Parent-Teacher meeting. At the same time, staff and students, meet to review results and progress and to set targets to be met in the forthcoming term.
Parents also receive a Pastoral Report assessing each student’s progress in a variety of areas related to discipline, health, social interaction and attitude. Together with the Report Cards these give a very clear picture of each student and allow us to see where improvements can be made. It also allows the school to highlight for each student where and how his behaviour might be supporting or diminishing his academic progress.
We also aim to monitor each student throughout his entire career at the school. This allows us to quickly see if a student’s progress changes term by term or year by year. In so doing, we are able to offer every student, praise where there is improvement and support where there is decline.
In addition to these formal systems, parents are kept informed of any particular issues regarding a student. Again, we recognize that early and united approaches yield the best results and so we always aim to involve parents as soon as any student prompts our concern.


  1. Students are expected to behave in a disciplined and dignified manner, both in and out of school. Rowdy, disrespectful, disobedient, undignified or indecent behavior in any form will call for very strict punishment, which may include expulsion from the school.
  2. Students are strictly prohibited to bringing mobile phones into the School.
  3. The use or even possession of alcohol, tobacco for smoking or chewing, pan-masala, betel leaf or betel nut or any form of intoxicant are strictly prohibited. Violation of this rule will lead to immediate expulsion from the School.
  4. Students should take care of their money and other belongings. The School will not be responsible for any loss. Student should not bring into School a valuable articles or cash beyond their daily requirement.
  5. Students are expected to take proper care of School property. Any damage or loss to School property will have to be paid by the student who responsible for it, in addition to a punitive fine.
  6. Students must be neatly turned out in School Uniform as laid down by the School for different occasions or activities. The use of ornaments or make-up is strictly prohibited.
  7. Stealing or cheating in any form will attract the strictest penalty.
  8. Students must be regular and punctual in attendance. A student must put in at least 95% attendance to be eligible to take the promotion Examination.
  9. Attendance on the closing and re-opening day after the vacation or a break is absolutely essential.
  10. Forgery of any kind, including forging of signatures of parents on leave and other applications and forging of signature of School Authorities and teachers on any document, will lead to immediate expulsion of the student from the school.


It is for your perusal that the school is situated 22 Kms away from Sikar on Udaipurwati/Neem Ka Thana route, near Raghunathgarh (2 Kms away from Raghunathgarh on the route). The school building is located amidst captivating landscape.


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